Superior Absorbency
Super Soft & Comfortable
Individual Disposal Bags

No Plastic or Perfumes
No Toxins or Bleach
No Artificial Fragrances

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It’s Simply a Better Pad

Better for your body

No harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation, rashes or UTIs

Better for the environment

All natural pads biodegrade within six months of disposal

Better for farmers

Farmers earn extra income each harvest from banana stems

Better for local community

Every time you purchase a Sparkle pad, we donate a pad to a girl in need


Sparkle supports circular economy by positively impacting women,
agriculture, local economy and the environment

Sparkle Natural Pads

Made in India with locally sourced
banana fibre
Biodegradable, plastic free
chemical free
With each Sparkle purchase, we donate
a pad to a girl in need
Beneficial for local agriculture and
Biodegrade within six months of
All natural pads that are gentle to your
skin and kind to the planet

Conventional Pads

Made of plastic and other synthetic
Harsh chemicals that may cause rashes,
irritation and allergies
Contain up to 90% Plastic and
petro-chemical by-products
Contain artificial fragrances
and heavy metal dyes
Do not biodegrade for 600-800 years after
Plastic pads that may be harmful for your health and the environment

Other “Green” Pads

Made in China or imported from other
Low-cost pads are repackaged and
re-branded as “premium” products
Overpriced products sold with very high
Claim to be “All Natural” but contain
many synthetic ingredients
Mislead women by using phrases such
as “Cottony”
Overpriced pads with “premium”

Our Cause

Access to affordable and healthy sanitary napkins can provide girls and women equal opportunities to reach their full potential at both school and work.

Buy One, Give One

With our Buy One, Give One initiative, every time you purchase a Sparkle pad, we donate a pad to a girl in need. Let’s keep more girls in school!

Subsidised Rates for NGOs

We support NGOs that focus on women’s wellness and empowerment projects by providing them high quality pads at subsidised rates.

All-natural, Biodegradable

Plastic free, Chemical free

Revolutionize your period
with Sparkle sanitary pads

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