It’s a Better Pad


Did you know that dioxins, artificial perfumes and other harsh chemicals present in conventional plastic pads have been linked to skin irritation, rashes, UTIs, hormonal imbalance and even cervical cancer? Extremely sensitive permeable membranes of the vagina allow direct transfer of harmful toxins from conventional pads into the circulatory system. Since these pads remain in close contact with vaginal tissues for long durations, they can be seriously harmful for your health.
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On average, women use around 10,000 sanitary napkins in their lifetime. Conventional pads are roughly 90% plastic that remain unchanged in the landfill for around 800 years after disposal. These pads contain around 3.4g of petrochemical plastic with every sanitary pad releasing 23.4 grams of carbon dioxide in the process. Women in India alone generate around 150,000 tons of pad waste per year. If all of 355 million women start using pads, it would result in around 1,000,000 tons of pad waste annually.
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Banana plants grow rapidly in just 9 to 12 months. Once bananas are harvested, these plants become agro waste. After each harvest, farmers either burn these discarded stems or they have to pay additional labour to remove them from their farms. This is where Sparkle comes in. We use banana fibres which are extracted from these discarded stems and convert them into ultra-soft absorbent material that is highly effective at locking away menstrual fluid. Banana farmers earn extra income each harvest by selling banana stems or fibres.
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In India, more than 70% of girls and women miss up to 50-60 days of school or work every year because they do not have access to proper menstrual hygiene products to manage their periods. Due to high cost of sanitary napkins, millions of women rely on old rags, plastic or ash during their periods. Such unhealthy methods cause infections, rashes, and many other serious health problems. With our Buy One, Give One initiative, every time you purchase a Sparkle pad, we donate a pad to a girl in need.

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Sparkle supports circular economy by positively impacting women,
agriculture, local economy and the environment

Sparkle Natural Pads

Made in India with locally sourced
banana fibre
Biodegradable, plastic free
chemical free
With each Sparkle purchase, we donate
a pad to a girl in need
Beneficial for local agriculture and
Biodegrade within six months of
All natural pads that are gentle to your
skin and kind to the planet

Conventional Pads

Made of plastic and other synthetic
Harsh chemicals that may cause rashes,
irritation and allergies
Contain up to 90% Plastic and
petro-chemical by-products
Contain, artificial fragrances
and heavy metal dyes
Do not biodegrade for 600-800 years after
Plastic pads that may be harmful for your health and the environment

Other “Green” Pads

Made in China or imported from other
Low-cost pads are repackaged and
re-branded as “premium” products
Overpriced products sold with very high
Claim to be “All Natural” but contain
many synthetic ingredients
Mislead women by using phrases such
as “Cottony”
Overpriced pads with “premium”