Life-cycle of a Pad

Sparkle Pads

Comes from nature

Goes back into nature

Banana Plants

grow rapidly in just 9 to 12 months

Banana Stems

are used to extract banana fibre

Banana fibre

is transformed into super absorbent material

Sparkle Pads

are made with banana fibre, bamboo fibre and corn starch

Biodegrades Completely

within just 6 months of disposal

Other plastic pads

Made from plastic

Pollutes the earth for 800 years


Commercial pads contain up to 90% plastic

Toxic ingredients

Artificial fragrances, heavy metal dyes, synthetic chemicals

Harmful for health

May cause rashes, irritation, allergies, UITs and even cervical cancer


Disposal causes land and water pollution and incineration releases toxic pollutants

Do not biodegrade

For 600-800 years after disposal

Made with care

Superior Absorbency
Super Soft & Comfortable
Individual Disposal Bags
No Plastic or Perfumes
No Toxins
No Artificial Fragrances