Our Activities

Free Training Programs

We aim is to empower farmers by equipping them with necessary knowledge, technical expertise and affordable organic agricultural inputs that can maximize their crop yield. For many farmers, the most common reason for not achieving expected yield is improper management of plant’s nutritional requirements at critical growth stages. A number of conventional farmers fail to provide important nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur as well as mix micro-nutrients to their crops at different stages starting from seed preparation till harvest.We provide free guidance to all the farmers who are looking for maximizing their yield in an eco-friendly manner using our cost effective agriculture inputs. During our routine training programs, we educate farmers about various plant diseases, crop specific pests as well as latest organic agriculture inputs. Conventional farmers also learn about how toxic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides interfere with the natural flow of wildlife, insects, birds, frogs and many other micro-organisms.

Experimental Farm Visits

We frequently invite innovative farmers from nearby villages as well as young students from local schools and colleges to our experimental farms to join our vision of creating a healthy tomorrow. Urban students who are not familiar with farming practices can get a unique experience of reconnecting with nature. At our experimental farm, we also host frequent tree planning events where community members come together and plant tree sapling. Young kids get a fun day filled with lots of activities during which they get to dig the soil, plant their own seeds and take the pot home with them. This unique experience allows them to be in touch with nature. We also encourage conventional farmers to visit our experimental farm so that they can personally witness the possibility of growing healthy crops with high yield using only 100% organic agriculture inputs.