Our Ingredients

Since sanitary napkins are classified as “medical products”, it is not required by law to disclose what goes inside the pads on the packaging. Most period brands use misleading words to avoid saying their pads contain up to 90% plastic and other harmful synthetic chemicals.

At Sparkle, we believe that all pad manufactures should honestly and transparently educate women about what ingredients go inside their pads. We are more than happy to share everything you need to know about our natural pads.

We have carefully chosen sustainable plant based ingredients that are gentle to your skin and kind to the planet. Feather-soft top layer of a Sparkle pad is made with bamboo fibres which are naturally antibacterial and super soft. The super-absorbent core is made with locally sourced banana fibres, which are highly effective at locking away menstrual fluid. The leak-proof bottom layer is made with corn-starch based bio plastic which is a compostable alternative to plastic.